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Itinerary: Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns
Dates:     20th - 27th May 2016
Aboard:   M/Y Red Sea Adventurer 

The Vessel...
At 32 metres long with 12 cabins divided over three decks, M/Y Red Sea Adventurer is an ideal choice for smaller full charter groups. There are eight comfortably appointed twin cabins, two double cabins and two single cabins providing accommodation for 22 guests. All cabins benefit from en-suite facilities, air conditioning and in-cabin entertainment.

The Itinerary...
Similar to the Deep South safari, this exciting itinerary allows you explore the beauty of the southern Red Sea with the added bonus of visiting the marine park of Daedalus Reef. Daedalus is a large, remote reef covered in hard and soft coral formations and offers beautiful scenic dives with an abundance of marine life. Daedalus also offers excitement... at the right time of year you can sit out in the blue and will have a good chance of seeing some of the Red Seas famous sharks!

Sample Itinerary:


**PLEASE NOTE** the itinerary below is just an example of the route taken and the order and dive sites are not guaranteed. All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.

- Day 1 - Shouna, Abu Dabab, Shaab Sharm
- Day 2 - St. John's Reef
- Day 3 - St. John's Reefs (Gota Kebir, Gota Soraya, Habili Ali, Habili Jaffa, Umm Aruk & Dangerous), St Johns Reef, St. John's Caves, Sataya
- Day 4 - Fury Shoal (Shaab Claudio, Abu Galawa Soraya, Shaab Maksour, Malahi, Abu Galawa Kebir)
- Day 5 - Daedalus
- Day 6 - Elphinstone, Abu Dabab


Itinerary Highlights:


This huge reef rises from the sea bed in the middle of the Red Sea. Easily recognized by its zebra-striped lighthouse, this massive reef offers some of the most amazing dives in the Red Sea. The sheer walls are covered in over-grown hard coral formations and a variety of reef fish. Napoleon wrasses and turtles are often cruising by, but make sure you keep your eyes open on the blue! Daedalus is one of those places where anything can happen... oceanic white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, a lonesome hammerhead shark or schools of them. The excitement and the sheer size of this reef means that you can do several dives and not get bored!

Elphinstone Reef
A Red Sea legend. Elphinstone is a beautiful long reef with its walls, north and south covered in hard and soft corals. It offers colourful scenery and a very good variety of reef fish... the occasional visiting pelagic can make this dive site very interesting.

Fury Shoal
This large cluster of reefs offers unforgettable and easy dives. From the northern site of Small Abu Galawa to its most-southern site of Sataya, Fury Shoal can prove to be surprising and diverse. Each dive site has its particularity: from dolphins, to stunning hard coral formations and not forgetting the two little wrecks, "Tug Boat" and the "Yacht". Often overlooked, its beauty and easy diving will be welcomed after currents and wall diving!

St. John's Reef
Located on the Tropic of Cancer, this chain of reefs is the furthest South you will get! All its dive sites are very close to each other which means that you can easily move from one place to another. It therefore adds a lot of variety to your dives: drop-offs, tunnels and stunning hard-coral formations. One of these dives (St John's Caves or Umm Kharalim) is truly unique and is a photographers heaven with rays of light filtering through into the beautiful tunnels. The reef formation is not the only thing that will stun you at St John's... the marine life and the colours of the soft corals are one of the best in the Red Sea. With any luck, dolphins or pelagics will join you on the dives and St John's will forever have a place in your heart.

All dive sites are subject to weather conditions and cannot be guaranteed.

£1249 per person (Plus £70 Manchester flight supplement and £20 for VISA 'Meet and Greet' service*).
Includes: Return flights MAN-HRG, VISA, transfers from/to airport in Hurghada, 7 nights full board accommodation, tea/coffee/water/soft drinks, snacks, 6 days diving, 12lt cylinder and weights. *EU passport holders only

Only a 10% deposit required to secure YOUR space on this fabulous holiday!

Please contact Ian Burns at Abyss Dive Centre on 07725 570092 or email for more information or to book on this Red Sea safari!

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